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Alice and I became friends while still living in Tokyo. I was working as a biochemist engineer, and Alice was a fashion buyer in the luxury industry.

We both faced challenging moments in our mental health journeys. In search of relief, the only solution offered to us involved heavily addictive medications, which merely masked the symptoms rather than addressing the root causes. What changed everything was when I first discovered psilocybin. It felt like an accelerated therapy in a single afternoon.

Our personal experiences have convinced us that introducing mushrooms into people’s lives can pave the way for a post-anxiety generation.

At BIEN, we are dedicated to reshaping the mental health landscape and envisioning a future where humanity is more aligned, compassionate, and ultimately happier.

— Suzanne Khan, BIEN Co-founder & CEO

Co-founding team.

Suzanne Khan

CO-founder & CEO

Co-founder Suzanne Khan

👩‍🎓 Biochemist engineer.
👩‍💻Product development expert.
🌎 Worked in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore.
💙 Family, my sweet BF & besties.
Obsessed with skies, croissants and surfing.​

Alice Policand

CO-founder & CMO

Co-founder Alice Policand

👩‍🎓 Master in Business.
👩‍💻 Luxury 360 Marketing Specialist.
🌎 Worked in Paris, Tokyo and London.   
💙Sun on my skin, books & techno music. 
Obsessed with raccoons, kombucha & pilate.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Truffle sales, regardless of the dosage, are legal in the Netherlands, which is where Bien Health is based. Bien is also permitted to ship its products within the EU. Nonetheless, the rules and regulations of your country come into effect once the shipment reaches you.

No, it’s actually the opposite.

The risk of addiction to psilocybin, the active ingredient in our microdose, is minimal at 0.2%. For comparison, the risk for SSRIs is 44%.

Ongoing research is currently exploring psilocybin as a potential treatment for substance use disorders. Nevertheless, it’s always important to monitor your relationship with it.

The level of psilocybin in a microdose is minimal, making it suitable for daily use. All of our microdoses are pre-measured to avoid dosage errors. It’s always safer to start with a low dose and gradually increase it over time as your confidence grows. We will guide you in finding your ideal dose for entering the flow state.

Microdosing at work, when done at the recommended dose, can be a great asset. It can enhance stress management, focus, and problem-solving abilities.

We advise against combining the two. If you’re considering tapering off or are concerned about potential interactions with your medication, please consult our medical consultant, Dr. David Garcia Padron, or your own doctor.

Multiple experts suggest it can be beneficial for people with ADHD or ADD, as microdosing improves focus and flow state. Please consult our medical consultant, Dr. David Garcia Padron, or your own doctor especially if you are already undergoing treatment.

There’s no perfect time to start as almost every moment can be the right time. The key is to be in a good mental state and open to change when starting a cycle.

The primary distinction is that we offer a range of products containing psilocybin, such as PEACE in the Chaos, and others without psilocybin, like FOCUS in the Chaos. All our products provide benefits, but if clients are hesitant about microdosing, we recommend starting with the FOCUS in the Chaos gummies.

Given our high successful delivery rate within the European Union (> 98%), most of our EU customers are provided with a delivery guarantee: If your order does not reach its destination, we’ll send you a new one.

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