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Frequently asked questions

Truffle sales, regardless of the dosage, are legal in the Netherlands, which is where Bien Health is based. Bien is also permitted to ship its products within the EU. Nonetheless, the rules and regulations of your country come into effect once the shipment reaches you.

The level of psilocybin in a microdose is minimal, making it suitable for daily use. All of our microdoses are pre-measured to avoid dosage errors. It’s always safer to start with a low dose and gradually increase it over time as your confidence grows. We will guide you in finding your ideal dose for entering the flow state.

No, it’s actually the opposite.

The risk of addiction to psilocybin, the active ingredient in our microdose, is minimal at 0.2%. For comparison, the risk for SSRIs is 44%.

Ongoing research is currently exploring psilocybin as a potential treatment for substance use disorders. Nevertheless, it’s always important to monitor your relationship with it.

Microdosing at work, when done at the recommended dose, can be a great asset. It can enhance stress management, focus, and problem-solving abilities.

It’s generally recommended to start on a day without social obligations. It’s advisable to begin with a smaller dose of 0.5 grams (half a pre-dose) and gradually increase it over the next week to see how your body reacts. We provide a detailed guide for the first day, and all of our clients have an onboarding call before starting microdosing.

We advise against combining the two. If you’re considering tapering off or are concerned about potential interactions with your medication, please consult our medical consultant, Dr. David Garcia Padron, or your own doctor.

Multiple experts suggest it can be beneficial for people with ADHD or ADD, as microdosing improves focus and flow state. Please consult our medical consultant, Dr. David Garcia Padron, or your own doctor especially if you are already undergoing treatment.

There’s no perfect time to start as almost every moment can be the right time. The key is to be in a good mental state and open to change when starting a cycle.

While it’s possible to microdose and drink alcohol, we don’t recommend it.

Alcohol can diminish the beneficial effects of microdosing and act as an “alcohol-booster”, making you feel tipsy faster.

If your aim is to reduce your alcohol consumption, we have created a specific guide, “Reducing Alcohol with BIEN”, to assist you on your journey towards sobriety.

We recommend not driving if you’ve taken a microdose and/or feel the dose is too high. However, the ultimate decision and responsibility rest with you.

We adhere to the Fadiman protocol, the most extensively researched microdosing protocol to date.

Remember 2-6-2: Take one microdose twice a week for six weeks. Then, allow for a two-week break before a new cycle.

We recommend not using Bien during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, it can be used for postpartum support (if you are not breastfeeding).

Microdosing can enhance self-awareness, creativity, and productivity, albeit with some limitations. We recommend taking a break of at least 2-4 weeks between each cycle to prevent building a tolerance. After that, the frequency depends on your goals and the intentions you set for your practice.

Microdosing can enhance your workout by boosting your cognitive functions, leading to improved sports performance. For instance, it can make you more aware of your body, helping you find a better pace in your workout routine.

We recommend not combining Bien’s microdose with antibiotics due to insufficient information about their interaction. If you choose to do so, always consult your doctor first. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with our resident medical consultant, Dr. David Garcia Padron, who can provide assistance.

We’re obsviously not talking about cigarettes here. We do not recommend smoking when you’re microdosing. It would be best to stop smoking 3-7 days in advance of your protocol so that the body can rest and come into natural balance.

We use Organic Mexicana Psilocybe sclerotia, locally produced in Alphen, Netherlands.

The primary distinction is that we offer a range of products containing psilocybin, such as PEACE in the Chaos, and others without psilocybin, like FOCUS in the Chaos. All our products provide benefits, but if clients are hesitant about microdosing, we recommend starting with the FOCUS in the Chaos gummies.

To maintain the potency of fresh truffles, store them in the refrigerator.

Sealed, they will remain good for up to two months, and once opened, for one week. Keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place to minimize the risk of rot or reduction in their psilocybin content. Avoid freezing and keep the strips in their packaging to prevent moisture absorption.

Our truffles are locally grown in a special fungi farm in Alphen, in the Netherlands.

We currently ship to a limited number of EU countries (Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg) excluding the UK.

Given our high successful delivery rate within the European Union (> 98%), most of our EU customers are provided with a delivery guarantee: If your order does not reach its destination, we’ll send you a new one.

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Mushrooms are nature’s most studied superfood. About 40% of Western medicines today, including penicillin, are derived from mushrooms.

Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, which help the body adapt to stress and provide support where it’s lacking. They act like a thermostat; calming you down or boosting you up, depending on what your body needs. All functional mushrooms contain beta glucans, which provide powerful immune support among other benefits. Mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, have been used by physicians for millennia for their ability to support immunity, cognitive function, restore hormonal balance, tame inflammation, and much more.

In nature, the beneficial compounds of Lion’s Mane are safely locked away behind a coating called Chitin. By extracting it in gummies, we remove the Chitin, maximizing its bioavailability and benefits in our FOCUS in the chaos gummies.

Functional mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane, do not cause any alterations in consciousness, regardless of their concentration. It’s important to note that our microdoses will not either, as they have a very low psilocybin concentration.

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