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Unlocking the Potential of Microdosing with BIEN

Welcome to a day in the world of BIEN, where microdosing psilocybin unlocks new dimensions of your potential. Get ready to embark on a day filled with clarity, creativity, and well-being.

Understanding Microdosing

Microdosing is a practice that is gaining significant momentum. It involves the regular consumption of minimal amounts of pre-dosed psilocybin. In stark contrast to traditional hallucinogenic mushroom experiences, microdosing focuses on achieving subtle shifts in perception, mood, and cognition. In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into the world of microdosing, introducing you to the transformative BIEN protocol – our microdosing protocol.

The BIEN Protocol

At BIEN, we adhere to the renowned Fadiman protocol, a method developed by Dr. James Fadiman for microdosing psilocybin. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the protocol:

Day 1: Initiate with a truffle microdose, equivalent to one-tenth of a standard dose.

Day 2: Rest and observe.

Day 3: Continue resting.

Day 4: Administer another truffle microdose.

– Day 5: Rest and reflect.

Day 6: Maintain your rest.

– Day 7: Conclude the week by integrating your experiences.

Repeat this cycle for six weeks, ensuring a minimum of two weeks’ break between cycles.

What to Expect: A Day with BIEN

Wondering what a typical microdosing day with BIEN looks like? While individual experiences may vary, here’s a general overview:

  • Morning (8:00 AM): As you take your dose, set an intention with our guidance, shaping your day’s direction unconsciously.
  • Late Morning (10 AM): Experience heightened energy, motivation, and focus. Consider a short meditation session for added benefit.
  • Afternoon (2:00 PM): Notice a subtle improvement in emotional well-being as stress and anxiety dissipate.
  • Late Afternoon (5:00 PM): Discover beauty and interest in the mundane, making each moment count.
  • Evening (8:00 PM): Achieve integration and relaxation with guided journaling prompts, a powerful tool for processing your experiences.
  • Late Evening (11:00 PM): Enjoy restful sleep, courtesy of the day’s rejuvenating effects, paving the way for another fulfilling day ahead.
  • DAY +1 (8:00 AM): Embrace the afterglow as yesterday’s microdose lingers, leaving you alert and prepared to conquer the day’s challenges.

Unlock Your Potential with BIEN

Experience the extraordinary benefits of microdosing with BIEN and the Fadiman Protocol. Journey from heightened focus and creativity to enhanced emotional resilience and personal growth. Explore a life of boundless possibilities with our six-week cycle